dhania frischkosmetik products are high quality,
natural skin care products, which I produce and use myself


- dhania frischkosmetik products are easy to use and no hassle. Who has time for complicated rituals?!


- dhania frischkosmetik products include precious, natural and organic raw materials. AND ONLY the absolutely necessary ingredients, because 'less' means gentler to your skin.


- Un-called for and unnecessary ingredients are not wanted: no parabens, no mineral nor silicon oils, no PEG, no synthetic scents or any kind of unnatural colouring, no SLS, no animal testing.


 - Most products at dhania are vegan, except where beeswax or honey is used.


- dhania frischkosmetik products are gently preserved with alcohol (only 15% in floral waters), Vitamin E (in oils) and radish root extract (in Aloe Vera)


- dhania frischkosmetik products include ingredients & raw materials which are 100% certified organic.


- Plus: dhania guarantees a superb price value, because high quality products doesn't mean luxury prices.

Check out this comparison chart: Preis-Leistungsvergleich.pdf


Looking forward to hearing from you or meeting you at dhania naturkosmetik in Basel.


Schöne Grüsse, Daniela Thüring

Owner dhania gmbh
herbalist & natural skin care specialist

thuering@dhania.ch, Tel. 076 391 1924

Order online or come by dhania naturkosmeting in Basel-Gundeli, Meltingerstrasse 15
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