The easy & effective product line of dhania frischkosmetik
covers your skincare needs from head to toe 

And the products mix-and-match!
Create your own cleansing milk, for example, by combining a few drops of oel pur/4 plus one portionwaschgel/1 .
Or for extra-dry skin, make your serum/3 more rich and effective by adding a few drops of oel pur/4 to the serum.

Many how-to's are listed on this page. Have fun!

An important step to beautiful skin


Cleansing in the morning, all skin types

-> simply use waschgel/1 + water

Cleansing in the evening, normal und oily/irritated skin

-> cleanse also with waschgel/1 + water


Cleansing in the evening for dry and sensitive skin as well as
for effectively washing off make-up, including eyes!

-> cleanse by mixing waschgel/1 & oel pur/4  in the pit of your hand (one small
portion each), add water to create foam, then wash off with more water by hand or with a cloth.


The waschgel/1 is available without scent, with the favorite scent 'Lime-Rosemary'  or can be naturally scented with an individually selected essential oil at the dhania naturkosmetik in Basel/Gundeli.


Tips for sensitive skin

-> First try the combination waschgel/1 plus oel pur/4 as explained above.

-> If your skin (also scalp) is overly sensitive to foam - whether from conventional or from natural products - wash clay can be an alternative. Available at dhania naturkosmetik in Basel/Gundeli.

2 - REFRESH your skin!


Refreshing your skin with tonic/2 in the morning and evening, after the main cleansing step, additionally cleanses, tones and prepares your skin for the next skin care steps 3/4/5


-> Spray directly on face (eyes closed) or moisten a cotton pad with the product and gently wipe over face.


tonic minze-hamamelis is suitable for normal, oily skin

tonic rose-muskateller is suitable for normal to dry skin

3 - Why MOISTURE is important?



Moisturising is basic skincare, especially when the skin feels tense.

Serums are active-ingredient-cocktails for the skin.
dhania frischkosmetik uses the no. 1 moisture plant: Aloe Vera.


Suitable for all skin types.



-> Normal to oily/irritated skin, use one portion serum/3, spread evenly on face, incl. lips and carefully around eyes.

 -> Dry skin, use one to two portions serum/3 mixed with a few drops of oel pur/4, spread evenly on face, incl. lips and carefully around eyes.

4 - When does your skin need more NOURISHMENT?


oel pur/4 is the key for nourishing skin care,
for dry skin, when skin is scaly and to act against skin-aging.


-> Normal to dry skin: treat yourself to a face massage 1-2x per week with oel pur/4,

-> And mix oel pur/4 daily with serum/3. This helps the skin absorb all the precious ingredients.
Amount: varies depending on skin type and time of year!

-> For oily and acne-prone skin use only little additional oil. Moisture skin care with serum/3 may be sufficient!

dhania oel pur is available without scent, with the favorite scent 'Geranium-Coriander'
or can be naturally scented with an indivudually selected essential oil at dhania naturkosmetik in Basel/Gundeli.

5 - ELASTICITY, yes please!


Additional skin care, mornings and evenings with balsam/5 for more elastic, soft skin.

Suitable for all skin types,

use several times per day


-> apply or massage balsam/5 on extra-dry skin areas like lips, elbows, knees or other skin areas which need elasticity, for instance around eyes. Mix with serum/3 for a lighter version.




Tips for intensive body pampering!
-> Prepare extra-dry areas like elbows or knees with balsam/5,

-> Then use a portion oel pur/4 solo or mixed with one portion serum/3 and massage all over body.